Canton Youth Hockey Association is a non-profit youth hockey organization formed to serve the youth of Canton, Massachusetts. The program is dedicated to introducing boys and girls to ice skating and the great game of hockey. We seek to offer a competit

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Girls teams for the 2018-2019 season are posted below.  We have gone forward with four teams, as shown, based on the number of commitments.  There exists the possibility of adding a fifth team should the numbers warrant.  We have a solid number of players which should translate into a successful and productive season.  We will be implementing and expanding the girls skills program for the coming season.  We are putting together additional competitive outlets for our players with middle school games as well as tournaments or jamborees.  In addition, we are attempting to launch a developmental program to attract new players to girl's hockey.  

*If your daughter's name is missing, and should be here, please let us know.


Girls 10 White       Girls 10 Green    
Eagles Charlotte G10 White     Blake Riley G 10 Green
Campbell Georgia G10 White     Donahue Grace G 10 Green
Lees Addison G10 White     Holland Isabella G 10 Green
Lyons Cassidy G10 White     Kirk Rebecca G 10 Green
Murphy Julie G10 White     MacEachern Reilly G 10 Green
Quersher Lily G10 White     Marshall Ava G 10 Green
Raffetto Lauren G10 White     Roberts Hailey G 10 Green
Schiavo Carolyn G10 White     Sasin Rori G 10 Green
Vicente Caitlin G10 White     Silva Elena G 10 Green
Abby Stock G10 White     Turano Emma G 10 Green
Sullivan Emily G10 White     Tureski Caitlin G 10 Green
Curran Christina G10 White     Webb Samantha G 10 Green
Lane Shannon G10 White     Ainsley Mills G 10 Green
Cusack Isabel G10 White     Gray Kegan G 10 Green
Coach-Jay Campbell, Jay Schiavo, Paul Lyons   Coach-John Blake, Marty Sasin, Pete Marshall
Girls 14 Green       Girls 12 Green    
Boone Amanda  G14 Green     Budway Kathryn G12 Green 
Brathwaite Jessica  G14 Green     Connolly Mary G12 Green 
Brogan  Abby G14 Green     Dickie Michaela G12 Green 
Chornovas Rachel G14 Green     Donovan Julia G12 Green 
Crugnale Isabella G14 Green     Eldridge Madeline G12 Green 
Duhaime Lily G14 Green     Falcucci Annika G12 Green 
Hansen Jessica   G14 Green     Ferrara Claire G12 Green 
Koen Audrey G14 Green     Gilbert Emily G12 Green 
McCready Margaret      G14 Green     Harding Leah G12 Green 
Murphy Abigail G14 Green     Lehan Anna G12 Green 
Schiavo Kelly G14 Green     Mulkern Abigail G12 Green 
Valkanas Laura G14 Green     Murphy Shealyn G12 Green 
Vigevani Joanna  G14 Green     Penders Georgia-Ann G12 Green 
Wilkinson Julia G14 Green     Rabinovich Emma G12 Green 
          Spinelli Lila G12 Green 
Coach- Jack Koen, Bob Wilkinson     Coach-Steve Connolly, Jay Dickie, Ted Lehan