Canton Youth Hockey Association is a non-profit youth hockey organization formed to serve the youth of Canton, Massachusetts. The program is dedicated to introducing boys and girls to ice skating and the great game of hockey. We seek to offer a competit

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Calendar Raffle Winners

CYH  Prize Winner
Day 1 $500.00 Jasmin Findlen
Day 2 $100.00 Keith Leonard
Day 3 $50.00 Turano
Day 4 $25.00 Shacks
Day 5 $50.00 Kathleen Bowen
Day 6 $75.00 Steve Rice
Day 7 $100.00 Sheila Neeser
Day 8 $50.00 Fred Lauro
Day 9 $75.00 Brian Sullivan
Day 10 $50.00 Bridget Connolly
Day 11 $25.00 Erika Sica
Day 12 $100.00 Mike Silva
Day 13 $50.00 Mike Gargan
Day 14 $75.00 Mary Standring
Day 15 $50.00 Ava Bohane
Day 16 $100.00 Pat Murphy
Day 17 $25.00 Jennifer Vaughn
Day 18 $75.00 George Gardiner

by posted 12/18/2018
Congratulations Bantam B White

Congratulations and Good luck to our Canton Bantam B White team

who beat Milton 3-2 in the  District 3 Final to advance to the State  Tournament !


by posted 12/08/2018


Please take a moment to watch the USA Hockey's Heads Up Hockey YouTube Video designed to reduce the risk of neck injuries 

by posted 09/02/2016
About this Site

Welcome to the website of Canton (MA) Youth Hockey. The purpose of this site is to provide a source of useful information to Canton Youth Hockey players and parents, including contacts, schedules, results, rink locations, registration information and other useful stuff.

- For information on a specific team, please click the “Your Team” tab above and then select your team from the pull-down menu on the next page.
- To update your personal information, such as the email address at which you receive reminders, please click on the "Edit My Account" tab to the left.

Please feel free to click the “Feedback” tab to the left to provide feedback (positive or negative) about the program or email the webmaster directly at   to provide feedback about or make suggestions for the website.

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CYH Players Corner


Check out Canton Youth Hockey's "Players Corner" for tips and information on improving your game and selecting the right equipment.

by posted 01/16/2016
USA Hockey Rule on Helmets

USA Hockey Rule on Helmets

As we all know safety of our players is of the utmost importance.  Under USA Hockey regulation Rule 304(c) Protective Equipment - Enforcement Guidelines;  a note has been added relating to helmets that acknowledges the HECC sticker and the inclusion of an expiration date that de-certifies a helmet if that date has passed.  Older helmets have a date of certification (not an expiration date) Helmets have always been required to be HECC certified, but now they state that under normal wear and tear their certification is good for 6.5 years.  The rationale is that the protective qualities of the padding degrades over time.
Please be advised that you and/or your child should not remove the HECC sticker from their helmet as officials are looking for these stickers to be present.  There have been recent cases, not within our organization, where officials were checking for the presence of the HECC stickers on helmets, and may choose to remove a player from the ice.  Absence of a sticker does not disqualify a helmet, but does not help if a referee needs to make a determination.
Our District and Conference Representatives are working with SS Conference, Yankee Conference, District 3 and the Chief Referees to assure we have a mutual understanding of this ruling and the potential for our players to be disqualified from play.  Best practice moving forward is to assure the HECC sticker is in place on your child's helmet and that the expiration date has not passed.  Be sure to check your child's helmet for proper fit, and assure all components are in place (i.e. face mask, J-Clips, ear pieces, etc.).


by posted 01/28/2014
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